Supporting Law Enforcement & Their Families

We proudly support Law Enforcement. We recognize the safety and service they provide to our communities. It is a tough and often thankless job. Help us to lift those who bear the burden of the Thin Blue Line.

10% of net sales are donated to vetted foundations that support Law Enforcement Officers and their families.


Cop Turned Candle Maker

Thin Blue Wick Candle Company was created by Lauren Kline. Lauren became a Police Officer in 2014 and worked in Southern California for most of her career. From the beginning, she found a deep love for the graveyard shift and the type of grind that goes along with working nights. If you know, you know.

In 2020, Covid closed everything down, including all facets of childcare. Since her husband was also a Police Officer, there was no other option for childcare during shift. After being denied for an unpaid leave of absence, she decided to turn in her badge and gun and become a stay-at-home mom. What a wild ride it has been. Since then, Lauren and her husband added another child to their family and moved to Tennessee.

While she loves being the mother of two girls, she still feels a strong connection to her Law Enforcement family. She combined her love of candles and her desire to make non-toxic candles to burn in her own home, with her love for her Law Enforcement family. Thus, she started Thin Blue Wick Candle Company so she can help give back to the men and women who still put their lives on the line every day.

"I thank you for supporting my small business, my family, and supporting the men and women in blue, tan, and green." - Lauren